Stove Fan



Premium Stove Fan

MAXIMISE YOUR STOVE PERFORMANCE: Use your Stove Fan on top of your fireplace, log burner or freestanding stove heater to distribute heat effectively, warming up those cold winter days.

SAVE ON ENERGY BILLS: Thanks to the built-in thermoelectric module, your log burner fan requires no power source other than the heating source you already have, meaning it’s a savvy choice to make your appliances go further when nights turn colder.

SELF POWERED & REGULATING: Your heat powered fan will automatically start to spin once the stove’s heat begins to rise, with a minimum temperature of 50°C for a speedy start.

FOUR BLADES: The four large aluminium blades ensure maximum air flow, keeping your whole room warm whilst remaining unobtrusive thanks to the silent operation – settle down and warm up in peace.