Approved Red 20KG



Approved Red Smokeless Coal 20kg

Red is a smokeless manufactured ovoid. Its highly efficient and clean which reduces long term costs for you.

A more recent, but hugely popular, addition to the Oxbow stable. It’s performance belies its status as the UK’s leading economy fuel. Red is quickly becoming the ‘go to’ fuel for those consumers now troubled with the quality and availability of traditional House Coal.

It’s easy to light with a long flickering flame, it produces low ash and high heat making it ideal for most uses. Coal quality has diminished significantly in the last 3-4 years, Red is your chance to experience, once again, how good a ‘real coal fire’ can feel! Suitable for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. This product offers great performance and is amazing value for money!


  • High Quality Smokeless Fuel
  • Burns Efficiently
  • Very Clean Burning
  • Long Lasting Flame
  • Suitable for Smoke Control Zones
  • Used for closed appliances and Multi-fuel burners

Approved Red (INFERNO) is shaped like a small bar of Soap approx. 3 inches in size

Pre-packed in 20kg bags for easy storage and movement

Best price when ordering 50 bags or more

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